To empower all people and communities across the country with the tools necessary to achieve success as it relates to their families, finances, education, spiritual development, business and personal growth.



The AAAUSA via its AAAG and AAATN divisions strives to empower, enrich and connect our Families, Contributors, & Communities by building a coalition network with key stakeholders, sponsors, donors and those we serve.

  • Family – Providing the vehicle to yield talented, educated and well-rounded individuals dedicated to the development of generations to come by providing the required support to build a “home”.
  • Contributors – Secure the adequate funding to provide necessary, healthy and sustainable services to reinforce the local infrastructure for our
  • Community – Creating positive environments conducive to the growth of the communities, in which we live and work



The areas listed below are conduits by which the association is able to drive and effectively achieve our mission:

  • Food Pantry
  • Books For You (provision of books and other literacy tools for children, adolescents & adults)
  • Mobile “Feed The” community (6-8 each year) [Food, Hygiene, other essentials]
  • Back to school (backpacks, “sacpacks” and school supplies)
  • Mentoring/Athletics for children
  • School Toy Drop (over 500 items for 2016)



  • To help bring a sense of normalcy to families, divert our youth from criminal and gang activity, homelessness, drug use and other negative behavioral patterns by providing practical, safe and productive alternatives.
  • To provide services which educate, enrich and allow our communities to excel by provision of basic needs (food, hygiene, etc.), skills and other resources, including adult/parent education, student tutoring/mentoring, athletics to thrive in their spiritual, financial, education and business life making them self-reliant in order to improve their lives and their families own personal outcome.
  • To secure space for the HELP Pavilion