African American Association

Welcome to The African American Association

(The AAAUSA) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization, which initially began as The African American Association of Georgia, (AAAG) in 2002, and has since added the African American Association of TN division (AAATN in 2015). The mission of AAAUSA is to empower all people and communities, especially the underserved population, with the tools necessary to achieve success as it relates to their families, finances, education, spiritual development, business, and personal growth.  The organization is primarily funded through donations and sponsorships.






Unloading the truck.


Community Involvement

We host at least one special offsite mobile event per quarter

We service between 250 – 800 families per offsite  event

Our organization has been recognized by Governor Deal and the Georgia State Senate

Convoy of Hope
World Vision
Good 360
Feed The Children